Meet Dr. Trey Cole

Dr. Trey Cole

Psychologist located in Denver, CO

It’s not always easy to share your experiences with someone else. Doing so takes trust, vulnerability, and, of course, time. I have always f1elt humbled by the strength and courage it takes to develop this kind of relationship, and I seek to help you feel safe in sharing what you deem appropriate in the timeframe with which you are comfortable. Psychotherapy should be a collaborative relationship, and I will join you as a collaborator to navigate the road towards the change that you desire.

Each person brings a unique history and life experience to therapy. We will work together to develop an approach that fits with you and addresses your specific life circumstances. I do not see therapy, however, as providing you solely with tools or skills to manage symptoms; rather, I believe the outcome of successful therapy can result in you feeling more alive, excited, open, and transformed.

I see adults and adolescents in individual and group psychotherapy to address problems of living ranging from grief, emotional trauma, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), personality disorders, depression, and anxiety, to problems at work and in relationships.

I can be reached at (720) 675-7918 or you can email me at I look forward to meeting with you.


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