Trauma and PTSD

For individuals in the Denver, CO area, treatment for posttraumatic stress and emotional trauma can help in the healing process. Dr. Cole provides specialized, evidenced-based therapy for PTSD and related conditions.

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What is Posttraumatic Stress and PTSD?

The effects of trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be serious and are capable of affecting any person. Although many associate symptoms of PTSD with major stressors, such as car accidents, war-related activities, natural disasters, or sexual assault, any emotional or physical event that affects an individual’s fight-or-flight response may cause posttraumatic stress.

Although PTSD may look different for each person, here are a few signs and symptoms to look for:

  1. Flashbacks or reliving the traumatic experiences
  2. Upsetting thoughts
  3. Avoiding places, events, or activities that remind him or her of the experience
  4. Feeling emotionally “numb” or cut off
  5. Being easily startled
  6. Becoming easily angry or feeling as though he or she cannot control emotional reactions
  7. Trouble eating, sleeping, or focusing

Dr. Cole’s Approach to Trauma and PTSD

I began my mental health career in the United States Army and deployed to war zones where emotional trauma and PTSD were, unfortunately, common. As such, I have spent a great deal of time working with those who have experienced a great deal of stress and trauma, from military settings to college campuses and inpatient hospitals. My approach to helping those with these experiences is to help you engage with your emotional experience in a safe way so that the severity of those symptoms and feelings can be relegated to the past, paving the way to a more positive and enlivening life.

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